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About ALMC

About ALMC

About ALMC
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Australasian Lubricants Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd (ALMC) is the largest manufacturer of Lubricants in Australia. We currently supply just less than half of the lubricant demand in the Australian market. 

Not only are we a leader in the Australian market, manufacturing millions of litres of lubricating oil and grease per annum, which is distributed nationally and also exported internationally.

ALMC has three manufacturing plants located in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.  We also have a warehousing and bulk oil facility in New South Wales.  ALMC's Head Office is located in Lytton, Queensland.

Over the past couple of years ALMC has experienced rapid growth; enabling all of our plants to be upgraded to utilise the latest technologies and equipment.

Our plants manufacture a range of products, including:
• Engine oils
• Transmission fluids
• Gear oils
• Hydraulic oils
• Oil based process and cutting fluids
• Agricultural spray oils
• Grease

As well as manufacturing, ALMC procures and warehouses a variety of products, including:
• Detergents
• Degreasers
• Environmental products (absorbent pads/socks etc)
• Grease guns
• Hand cleaners and pumps

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